Kindness Project

Hi Families.

So here’s the link to the Big Kindness Project. Aside from participating yourself, what we REALLY want is for you to pass this link on beyond our church family to any friends and family who might be supportive of the cause. All the info is in the link, so you don’t have to send any lengthy email explanations.

The biggest question you’re likely to get is — Where are the funds going to go?  And the big answer is — The children are going to decide. We want our children to be involved not just in the fundraising, but the decision-making as well. And we’re accepting ideas right now. Ask your children what they think, what matters to them, where they would like to see the proceeds go.

I’ve loved hearing about all the ways your children are putting kindness into the world. And I’m excited to see where this Big Kindness Project takes us.


Mark Burrows
Director of Children’s Ministries

kindness project

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