It’s Time to Get Out Your New Kairos Calendar!!!

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It’s Time to Get Out Your New Kairos Calendar!!!

We tend to live in a world that is overwhelmingly distracted in it’s own small-self Culture of Chronos, that is often too rushed, and symbolized in New Year’s Resolutions in January.

At the same “time,” usually unnoticed, is God’s World of Kairos.   And we can follow the church’s calendar beginning this 1st Sunday of Advent to help us “have eyes that truly see.”

Through the perspective of chronos, we are often blinded in a blur of busy-ness and not aware of what might be “the better portion” right under our noses.

But in the deeper presence in kairos, there are countless “God moments” to be seen… if we are aware of what our soulful eyes are trying to show us.

In his book “The Double Vision”, Northrop Frye wrote that kairos is “The sudden critical widening of the present moment.”

Before we let the Culture of Chronos compress a new season and year into a busy rush… Take a deep, prayerful breath into kairos awareness… and pay attention to the Wisdom in your soul… or what many people refer to as your True Self.

Before you get blinded in the small-self that is tempted to use mere willpower of the ego… open up your soul’s willingness to see the God Moments that are happening all around you.

But in order for that to happen in and around us, we all need to take the right kind of time… we need to prioritize being Present to God’s Presence.

This New Year, this 1st Sunday in Advent, I challenge you to start with a Kairos Calendar (“Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God…”)

Instead of getting stuck in January trying to willfully make and keep the right New Year’s resolutions, let yourself be set free by the transforming grace of God’s time as we begin the church’s new year this 1st Sunday in Advent… be willing to open yourself up to the widening present moment of kairos.

And — As you Contemplate Your New Year’s “Resolutions” of Advent and beyond, I invite you again to consider the Touchstones for Circles of Trust.

Pondering such touchstones to help deepen your intention to become more present to kairos,  just might be one of the best New Year’s resolutions you have ever made…

Pick up a “Nativity Seen” 2015 Advent Devotional booklet this week… and be sure to pay attention as you begin this New Year!

Grace and Peace,



Touchstones for Circles of Trust for Living in Kairos Time

Be 100% present, extending and presuming welcome. Set aside the usual distractions.  Bring all of yourself to the relationships. We all learn most effectively in spaces that welcome us. Welcome others to this place and this time, and presume that you are welcomed.

Listen deeply. Listen intently to what is said; listen to the feelings beneath the words. “To ‘listen’ another’s soul into life, into a condition of disclosure and discovery may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another.” — [Writer Douglas Steere] Listen to yourself also. Strive to achieve a balance between listening and reflecting, speaking and acting.

Always by invitation.  To help create an atmosphere of trust, help people have authentic boundaries, so each soul can determine the extent to which they want to participate in discussions & activities.

No fixing. Each of us is here to discover our own truths, and depths of gratitude. We are not here to set someone else straight, to “fix” or “correct” what we perceive as broken or incorrect in another family member or friend.

Suspend judgment. Set aside your judgments. By creating a space between judgments and reactions, we can listen to the other, and to ourselves, more fully, & thus our perspectives, decisions and actions are more informed.

Identify assumptions. Our assumptions are usually invisible to us, yet they under-gird our worldview, our decisions & our actions. By identifying our assumptions, we can then set them aside and open our viewpoints to greater possibilities.

Speak your truth. Say what is in your heart, trusting that your voice will be heard and your contribution respected. Your truth may be different from, even the opposite of, what another in the Thanksgiving gathering has said. Speaking your truth is not debating with, or correcting, or interpreting what another has said. Own your truth by speaking only for yourself, using “I” statements.

Respect silence. Silence is a rare gift in our busy world. After you or someone else has spoken, sometimes it is OK to take time to reflect and fully listen, without immediately filling the space with words.

Respect confidentiality. Create a safe space by respecting others and resisting “gossip.”.

When things get difficult, turn to wonder. If you find yourself disagreeing with another, becoming judgmental, shutting down in defense, try turning to wonder: “I wonder what brought her to this place?” “I wonder what my reaction teaches me?” “I wonder what he’s feeling right now?”

Adapted from Hidden Wholeness by Parker Palmer



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