Just Four Things

By March 18, 2020Youth Ministries

I’ve been on FaceTime a lot lately. I’ve been talking to our teenagers from their desks, their unmade beds, their dining room tables. I would so much rather have them all here in the youth building, but there has been a striking silver lining to this new way of reaching them.

In their comfortable homes, without their friends around, processing through nerves and isolation, uncertainty, disappointment, and fear, they have been more honest than usual.

Maybe it is because they don’t have school or sports to talk about, or maybe it’s because crisis makes us ask these questions, but they have been offering up wonderings and worries about who God is — and where God is — with unflinching authenticity.

They have been wondering out loud about how a God who is “in control” could allow all this suffering; about how a God who is “good” could watch the world fall apart and not do anything. They come up with their own conclusions, some of which honestly made my heart drop because they suggest a God so unloving as to cause suffering, death, and loss to achieve some unknown goal, or so uncaring as to be disinterested in the chaos that surrounds them.

So allow me to take a moment and share what Matt and I have written on the whiteboard in the Youth Ministries office. We normally fill that board with checklists, plans, and meeting schedules, but today it has just four things on it:

God is good.

God is here.

God loves us.

It will be OK.

In the weeks, and likely months, of uncertainty to come, and in the years of processing and unpacking that will follow, please pray, and repeat, and cling to these four things. The ministry we all practice, the words on our tongues, will all find ground in that truth:

God is good, God is here, God loves us, it will be ok.

As you talk to your teenagers, young children, and even adults, understand that for many of them this crisis is shaping how they perceive their world and their God. For our teenagers, this will become a generationally definitional moment.

I wish it wasn’t. I wish they got to have the senior year they imagined, the school plays they practiced for, the track meets and tournaments they trained and hoped and waited for. As Matt said in the office yesterday in a moment of releasing frustration, “I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I want our old wheel back, I liked that wheel, that wheel was working great!”

But that is not our reality, this is.

And in that, God is still good. God is still here. God still loves us. And it will still be OK. We can be harbingers of hope — stalwart holders of that truth — for them. Matt and I commit to repeating those four truths as often as we have to these coming months, for our families, for our teenagers, and for ourselves. May they offer you comfort as well.

God is good.

God is here.

God loves us.

It will be ok.



Kat Bair
Director of Youth Ministries


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