Journey of Faith . . .

Nancy Froman_150“Life is a journey not a destination.”  — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last week at Mission Camp with our FUMCFW children, I got the pleasure of leading the “Journey of Faith Nature Walk” around the Lyle Lodge grounds. Each day we started in small groups at the wooden cross by the lake, picked up our journals and walked a big circle — along the shore, by the dock, to the butterfly garden, through the “valley of shadows” and back to the cross. We would stop at a different place each day, listen to a Bible story and think about our Christian journey together. The last day we got to walk the labyrinth that the kids designed with Mr. Mark. As they walked toward the middle of it, they focused on “leaving their worries behind them”. They stood in the center in silence with God and then they walked back from the center back outward taking the peace of Christ with them into the world. What a blessing to share my faith journey with these kind and bright young friends!

Rev. Nancy Froman

Day Camp Labyrinth



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