WHY the Intensive Journal® Program may be right for you

Intensive Journal Program_Why_HSThe Intensive Journal Program opens the door to all kinds of new resources and possibilities. Here are the top seven reasons to attend:

 1. Find yourself.

When you focus on your own interests, values, and priorities, it will help you lead a fuller life.

2. See the big picture.

Gain awareness, perspectives, and insights when it comes to specific issues in your life so they will be easier for you to manage.

3. Dig deep inside.

Use personal reflection to embrace your inner self.

4. Spark your creativity.

Explore your creative side to discover valuable talents and interests.

5. Live and learn.

Realize your own approach for using the method in your life journey.

6. Get in the spirit.

Search your heart for your spiritual beliefs to reach meaning and purpose.

7. Grow your career.

If you are in counseling, employee assistance, nursing, or social work, you can obtain continuing education credits toward professional development.

Paul Bodley, FUMCFW Member and Staff Parish Relations Committee Lay Leader, had such a positive experience with the process that he decided to bring the workshop to our church. Paul said he believes the workshop will benefit anyone at any stage of life. “When I signed up for the Intensive Journal® Workshop led by Wally Chappell, I had no idea that a life-changing experience was about to take place,” he declared. “This is so much more than a class about journaling. It is about finding the insight and wisdom that lives (sometimes unknowingly) within us — and using a process to understand the flow of my life and where it might be taking me. Using what I’ve learned in the workshop has helped me work out issues, take action on my ideas, and enhance my relationship with God.”

Our own Senior Pastor Dr. Tim Bruster has benefited from the program as well. Although Dr. Bruster had used a journal periodically before, he said the method opened up new ways of thinking through issues and events. He and his wife, Susan, had recently suffered loss and illness in their families when they attended the workshop, so the timing was just right. “The Progoff™ method was immensely helpful to us,” Dr. Bruster recalled. “But, more than helping us with that time in our lives, it has continued to be a powerful way that is so much more than simply a diary of our activities. Perhaps we overuse the term ‘life-changing,’ but as I think about my experience, the term certainly fits.”

Everyone has their own reasons to seek change in their lives. Use the Intensive Journal Program to help you reach your goals along the way. Click here for more details.


Intensive Journal® Two-Part Program

Fridays | 5:30 – 9:30 pm
Saturdays | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, 1:00 – 4:00 pm, 4:30 – 6:30 pm
$145 each or $280 for both parts | Registration required
Led by Rev. Meredith Bell | Wesley Hall

Part 1: Life Context — Gaining a Perspective on Life

January 29 – 30, 2016

Part 2: Depth Contact — Symbolic Images and Meaning in Life

February 12 – 13, 2016
Prerequisite: Life Context (Part 1)


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