Jesus says “I Am the light of the world”

Dear friends,

In walking alongside others in their faith journey, I get to witness amazing “a-ha” moments. These moments are typically because people finally see something (in their life, their faith, or their relationships) as they really are, and that clarity is healing. Scripture reading, John 8:12-30 Jesus, speaking to followers and skeptics, explains that he is the light of the world, and those who follow him won’t be left in darkness. This is not just because he’s a charismatic, well-qualified teacher. It’s because he is from the Father and doing the Father’s work. We see this in our everyday lives. Blindly following the values of this world leads us toward anger, division, despair. Jesus shines a light that shows us a better way. At the same time, the light of Jesus also falls on us. This might be hard — you may not like some of what it shows. We prefer darkness to allow us to hide and obscure things of which we are ashamed and embarrassed. This is a point where many people give up on following Jesus — they can’t stand to have their shortcomings, hurts, and sins brought into the light. However, Jesus doesn’t leave you alone in this. Jesus never highlights or reveals something he won’t also heal.

Rev. Lance Marshall

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