Jesus Loves Us!

Staff_Marshall, MikeFor many reasons, I just love our sixth grade Confirmation Class! They make me laugh — they make me think — they make me want to be even more faithful in my life.

We meet every Sunday morning on the second floor of the Justin Building. Part of the distinctive features of our room are floor-to-ceiling dry erase boards. Our sixth graders enjoy using these boards to doodle, draw pictures, post college football scores, and wax philosophically from the perspective of 12-year-old minds.jesus loves me

January 25 was the Sunday that our church was prepared to have radical protestors on our campus. I did my best to prepare our confirmands and their parents for this possibility. On the 25th, one of the girls came into the room and drew this heart on one of the boards. As you can see, it has the first line to “Jesus Loves Me”. It was her quiet and faithful response to the threat of angry, hate-filled protestors disrupting our church and many other places…. Preach it, Sister!

Mister Mark and our Academy classes have profoundly taught our children that they are loved by God, their families, and our church. They even learn the “Bible Black Belt Pledge” which begins and ends with this phrase: THIS IS THE BIBLE — THE BOOK OF GOD’S LOVE! Our children become youth and they continue to hear this message from Andrew, Martin, and all of our staff and adult volunteers. All this leads to our hoped for outcome that these children & youth will grow into adults who gratefully receive God’s blessings, and authentically use them to become disciples of Jesus Christ who serve and transform the world.

Here’s to these incredible sixth graders!



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