What Sort of Tale Have We Fallen Into?

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These were the words Samwise posed to Frodo as they faced the gates of Mordor in the Lord of the Rings epic. After yet another, near-death struggle, they still had so much further to go to complete their destiny. And Sam wonders with Frodo about the stories in which we find ourselves. And while The Lord of the Rings may not be a story for everyone, everyone longs to be a part of a great tale. As our lives wind their way down paths chosen and not chosen, labyrinthine twists and turns and repetitive circles that seem more backward steps than forward movement, we all have that opportunity to stop and reflect on just what sort of story we are living out, and our part in the grand narrative of God’s presence in the world?

Join us Sunday, in eleven:eleven celebration, as storyteller, educator and labyrinth builder Jay Stailey engages us with humorous and poignant personal stories from the labyrinth of life. And then stay for lunch and a writing workshop with Jay.


Labyrinth of Our Stories_HS

To Tell the Truth — Stories Make Our World

Sunday, August 16
11:11 am | Wesley Hall

“the labyrinth of our stories” featuring Jay Stailey

1:00 – 3:00 pm | Wesley Hall

Storyteller, Author, Educator and International Labyrinth Builder, Jay Stailey is a highly sought after consultant and keynote speaker. An avid traveler, he is the former Chairperson of the National Network of Storytelling and has been featured around the country and beyond at educational conferences, businesses and festivals.

After worship, Jay will offer a short workshop on mining personal anecdotes and memories to create more meaningful and engaging stories to pass on to our families and beyond, using the labyrinth as a metaphor and writing tool. He’ll also facilitate a labyrinth walk in Wesley Hall after the workshop.

The lunch and workshop are in Rm 350, 12:30-2:30. There is no charge, though a $20 donation is suggested (to cover the lunch and expenses).


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