It’s Official: I’ve Become my Mother!

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.”

— Author unknown

Kat Bair, Director of Youth Ministries, and Rev. Phyllis Barren, spent a lot of time and effort last week making sure they had a “Plan B” if the weather was as cold as predicted because they were taking 45 Confirmands and 51 kids from the Youth Group to Glen Lake for the Confirmation Retreat and Revolution Weekend. As luck would have it, the temperature wound up being in the mid-fifties (instead of the thirty degrees that was predicted) and on Sunday, the kids played kickball in their T-shirts!

However, I have to admit the threat of cold weather and teenagers made me a little nostalgic because it brought back fond memories of Snow Days — that glorious occurrence when school is cancelled due to inclement weather. The image of our house filled with teenagers, their wet outdoor gear all over the place and a kitchen overflowing with dirty dishes from all of the meals and snacks will forever be etched in my mind and my heart.

Amidst the mess and the noise and the chaos that came with snow days also came an opportunity to be part of the lives of those kids, and to enjoy with them the fun and wonder of the weather and a surprise day off from school. It was a front-row seat into the lives of my children and their friends and I can honestly say those memories are as special to my children as they are to me. And I have to admit, it was probably the example my own parents set — my mom and dad were “those parents” who were always there when asked to be — that my husband and I did the same.

When they were in middle and high school, my girls would groan and roll their eyes when they found out that yes, my husband I had volunteered to chaperone a dance or activity. Oh the horror — their friends and classmates might actually have to interact with us! The funny thing is, at age twenty-four and twenty-seven, they’re actually glad we were there — in the exact same way I’m grateful as an adult for all the times my parents were there for me.

So, if you’re the parent of a teen, I hope you will volunteer to chaperone the dance… or the Mission Trip or Youth Retreat… or whatever activity needs chaperoning. I hope you will see those precious opportunities to chaperone as the chance to create your own “snow day” memories that I promise will one day bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart.

See you Sunday!

Lisa Helm
Director of Welcoming Ministries


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