Instead of Swinging a Hammer or Wearing A Helmet, I Am Doing This…

I spent Tuesday with other church staff on a building site for Trinity Habitat for Humanity. The home which we worked on is being built for a family of five who fled the harsh conditions of Myanmar three years ago. The father of three works as chef in a local restaurant. As required by Habitat, the future homeowners must also participate in the building of their own home and will also be purchasing the property through a very reasonable 30 year, no interest mortgage. The mother was with us all day swinging a hammer. At the end of the day, she expressed her sincere appreciation to all who were there.

I was glad to be there and enjoyed hanging out with my fellow FUMCFW teammates, BUT I was definitely out of my comfort zone. I was not born with the “handyman” gene. To be quite honest, I don’t enjoy hammering or caulking or any kind of manual labor that involves home maintenance.

AND don’t even get me started about wearing a safety helmet and my helmet hair . . . I am sure my teammates thought it odd that I didn’t remove my safety helmet at lunch despite there being no safety issues while in the lunch tent and that it was rather warm to be wearing such for no real reason. Fortunately, no one burst out laughing once my helmet was removed. Believe me, knowing how my hair was going to look had me contemplating wearing it out as a “souvenir” and not removing it until I was safely in my own home. Given I was with the church obviously that was not a good plan. If you end up seeing our end of the day group photo, you will enjoy a good laugh and totally understand where I am coming from . . .

My take-aways for the day are:

  • I spent a great day with great folks!
  • I was impressed by the wonderful Habitat staff, volunteers, homeowner, mission, and the overall organization of the day.
  • I appreciate the dedication, good nature, and patience of the lead volunteers who are there every day.
  • I am especially proud of the folks from our church who love doing this “hands on” ministry and who will be participating throughout the month of May!

I am also glad that I have another way of supporting outreach ministries that won’t involve hammers or a caulking gun.

The Texas & Beyond Outreach Campaign kicked off earlier this month and will run through June 3. Our Texas & Beyond Outreach ministries offer opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need, from short-term local projects to statewide disaster relief to worldwide mission opportunities. In volunteering for and giving to these ministries, you help FUMCFW reach beyond the walls of our church and ongoing local outreach ministries to Love God, Serve People, and Transform Lives throughout the state and around the world.

The goal is to raise $30,000 which will support not only local Habitat projects but also will provide support for the upcoming Costa Rica Mission trip, the Kenya Mission project, the Disaster Response ministry and other outreach projects.

I hope you will join me in making an additional gift this month. Your show of unbounded generosity doesn’t require the “handyman” gene or wearing a safety helmet. It only requires your time and willingness to write that check or enter that credit card number, and as easy as that, YOU will make a life-changing impact on many lives, locally and abroad.

Thanks so much!

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


You can donate using the special envelope provided in worship May 6 – June 3, by check (payable to FUMCFW with Texas & Beyond in the memo line) mailed or brought to the Main Church Office, or online at (choose Texas & Beyond from the drop-down menu).



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