Incident Notification

By March 15, 2018Security

Reporting is an important process of protecting the church, members, visitors, and staff. Therefore, it is pertinent that each person be aware of the need for everyone’s participation in the process of reporting.

Incidents are to be reported immediately to any member of the FUMCFW Security Team to bring resolution to a problem/incident in progress or that has previously happened. Involving the FUMCFW Security Team immediately will help to alleviate the problem sooner or get the needed entities involved to help resolve an issue. Immediate involvement of an FUMCFW Security Team member will also help to eliminate the repetition in the process of requesting needed help from outside entities and the gathering of information needed for protection and follow-up purposes of the church.

In the absence of a Security Team Member, anyone on the properties of the First United Methodist Church grounds can find comfort in contacting an FUMCFW staff member within the Main Office of the church to report any incident occurring or that has occurred. The Main Office personnel are equipped with a handheld radio and will have contact privileges with an FUMCFW Security Team member without delay. If an incident is occurring or has occurred during Sunday Services, events, or otherwise, and the FUMCFW Security Team member is not in the vicinity, all personnel are asked to confide in the nearest Usher or Greeter in the area of an incident for immediate help from Security. The Usher/Greeter will have phone contact privileges with the Main Office/Security for such reporting purposes as well.

When reporting an incident, please remember these important bits of needed information:

WHO: If known, who is the person/persons involved and what is/are their names

WHAT: Report to the best of your recall and in chronological order the event that you observed as it occurred

WHEN: At approximately what time and date did you observe the incident occur

WHERE: Explain where the incident was observed as it occurred (location by address, by building, etc.)

HOW: Explain the details of what you witnessed as it opened

Obtaining and retaining the names of any other witnesses available to help strengthen your report is always plus in the resolution of any incident reported.

Remember, by working together and staying aware, we can help each other stay safe!

God Bless You All,

Ron Hicks
Director of Security


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