Imagine. When I hear this word I think of the John Lennon song that describes a life with no greed or hunger where the world lives as one. Going on half a century since Lennon penned his idea of a perfect world, we are still mired in the realities of injustice, poverty, and division. While many individuals and institutions do what they can to effect positive change, I believe that churches following the teachings and examples of Jesus can and should be the vanguard for providing for those in need, promoting justice, and spreading peace and hope. That is why I am so proud to be a member at First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth! I love walking in on a Sunday and seeing homeless congregants sitting next to pillars of the community, little children sitting next to octogenarians, and people in despair talking to someone giving them a word of hope. That is my idea of a perfect world, one where all are welcomed, cared for, and loved. Our church operates wonderful outreach ministries to help those in need and offers those of us living comfortably opportunities to move forward on the path of discipleship. All of that is only possible because of the generosity of our congregants. As we enter into this year’s stewardship campaign, I urge you to imagine your perfect world and think about the ways that First Church contributes to making what you see a reality. Consider how your financial gifts can help our church go further with the work of bringing about God’s Kingdom. Working together by combining our gifts and our financial contributions at FUMCFW, we really can change our corner of the world. Imagine that.

Kelly Fox
Stewardship Ministry Leadership Team


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