Ice Cream Social at the Stayton!

The Stayton was where Inquirers Class members gathered for their summer Ice Cream Party. Members lined up for bowls of  ice cream and chose from a buffet of goodies for toppings. If that wasn’t enough, there was a large array of cookies alongside to complete the dessert feast. Martha Slover and Gayla Shivers, both residents at The Stayton, were in charge of the party.

Gayla Shivers & Martha Slover
June Van Buskirk
Deborah Sturdivant & Bill Webb
Wayne Maddox & Jim Grissel
Doyle Beavers, Jim Van Buskirk & George Sumner
Karl Alexander, Sue Sumner & Gaye Fuller
Martha & John Alexander
Marilyn Baird, Deborah Sturdivant & Martha Slover
Jo Grissel & Ann Maddox
Men’s Table
Deborah Sturdivant and Norma Loughridge
Byron Baird
Linda Monk
Ann Maddox & Norma Loughridge
Linda Monk
Martha Slover, John & Martha Alexander
Whit Whitfield & Bill Mizell
John O’Rear (former class member) & Fretna
JoAnn Beavers & Marilyn Baird
Fran & Bill Mizell
Karl & Pat Alexander
Marilyn Baird, Gaye Fuller & Pat Alexander
Ice Cream Bar
Cookie Selections
Dora Beth Johnson
Sue Sumner
Doyle Beavers, Jim Van Buskirk & George Sumner
Anne Stoddard, Gaye Fuller & Thelma Gill
Sue Sumner & Joann Beavers
Jim Van Buskirk, Martha Slover & Bill Webb
Martha Slover & Glenda Rattikin
Ann Dowdell & Pat Van Meter
June Van Buskirk & Gaye Fuller
K. T. Wolff & Dora Johnson
June Van Buskirk & Gaye Fuller
Pat Van Meter & Ann Dowdell
Linda Elsey & Norma Loughridge
Marianne Brants
Gaye Fuller & JonAnna Reidinger
Carolyn Stevens & Diane Roberts
Carolyn Stephens
Linda Tunnell & Linda Monk
Jackie Rea
Jo Ann Beavers & Virginia Dorman
Jo Whitfield & Fran Mizell
Martha Slover, Gayla Shivers & Linda Monk
Martha Alexander & Barbara Williams
Martha Alexander & Barbara Williams
Jackie Rea & Ann Maddox
Pat Van Meter & June Van Buskirk
Deborah Sturdivant & K. T. Wolff
Deborah Sturdivant & Hostess Pat Alexander
Martha Slover & Marilyn Baird

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