I Want To Be: Strong

Staff_Marshall, LanceFor the past month, our First 7th evening worship services have focused on selections from the book of 2 Corinthians. The selections have inspired us, encouraged us, and pushed us to persevere in the face of great opposition. We will finish that series this week with a message based on 2 Corinthians 12:2-10. I’ll be honest with you, this scripture selection is difficult. In it the author, the Apostle Paul, uses advanced literary techniques and abstract imagery to address difficult topics. It’s tempting to simply cut it short or to turn to another piece of writing. If we did that, though, what would we miss?

First 7th I Want to Be_HS5We would miss a piece of writing that is powerful and relevant to our modern lives of faith. In this selection, Paul challenges the church in Corinth to focus less on miraculous revelations of Heaven and more on the presence of God in their midst. Faith isn’t about finding God in the fantastic, mystical experiences of others, he says. It’s about witnessing how an all-powerful God chooses to be active through our very human weaknesses. Paul makes more than a theological point here, he makes an inspirational one: God isn’t stuck in heaven, he says. God’s transforming grace is in the middle of my life and it’s in the middle of yours, too.

All throughout 2 Corinthians we have learned lessons from Paul about how the “good life” and the life of deeply devoted Christian discipleship go hand-in-hand. We’ve discovered how to be focused, confident, and resilient. Join us this week for “I Want To Be: Strong.”

God bless you all!







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