I Have Made My Next90 Commitment, So What’s Next?

By March 10, 2020Next90

As of the writing of this blog, 371 First Church households have endorsed our Next90 Phase I Capital Campaign with commitments coming in at more than two-thirds of our goal. Thank you!!

And, adding even more evidence of support, payments are already coming in on those commitments.

Many of you are electing to pay out your 24 months commitment on a monthly plan, a quarterly plan, or even an annual plan similar to how you are paying your 2020 Annual Ministry Fund Commitment.

Not a problem!

Your Next90 Phase I Commitment can be paid in any increment you choose by check, credit card, or bank draft.

If you prefer to pay by check, please make a note on the check’s memo line that it is designated for

Next90 Phase I.

If you choose to do a recurring credit card or bank draft, you can set this up by clicking here, then:

    • Select Next90 Capital Campaign on the “Fund” drop-down menu;
    • Type in the amount;
    • Check the box to make it a recurring gift;
    • Select payment method — credit card or bank account — and then complete the form with requested information;
    • Click on “submit.”

You should follow the same steps if you want to make your payment by credit card or bank draft at random times you determine, rather than at scheduled times. Simply use the same link and do not check the box for recurring gifts.

Please feel free to call me if you would like assistance in setting up your online payments. If I am not available, Steve Fagan, Director of Finance will be happy to assist you.

If you are interested in paying your Next90 commitment through a non-cash gift such as stock or bonds, please contact me for the specific information needed to make this happen and to make us aware of your forthcoming gift.

Also, please contact me if you are considering other non-cash gifts such as personal property. Property donations must meet certain criteria as set out in our established Gifts Policy, and they must then be approved by our Board of Trustees.

A couple more things about your Next90 Phase I Commitment to be aware of:

• If you made this commitment online, you should have received a confirmation immediately after you clicked on “submit.” If you did not receive a confirmation email or can’t remember if you received such an email, please contact me so I can double-check. Remember, all commitments will be reflected in quarterly Contribution Statements.

• Completing an online Next90 Phase I Commitment does not trigger online payments, so if your intent is to pay by credit card or bank draft, you will need to set it up online in the above process. This is separate from completing your commitment card, and it is also separate from any other payments you are currently making to the church, such as 2020 Annual Ministry Fund contributions or other designated gifts.

We currently do not send reminders in the form of an actual bill; however, your quarterly Contribution Statement can serve as a reminder of your Next90 commitment, since it does show your commitment amount, prior year payments, current year payments, and remaining balance. And of course, I am always available to provide you with the current status of any of your giving, so please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions you may have.

Jack and I are very excited about making the first of several-more-to-come Next90 Phase I gifts! I hope you are also feeling this excitement. Again, thank you for this intentional act of discipleship and for investing in our First Church future!

Together in Growing God’s Kingdom,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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