I Did Not Faint

If you were in The Gathering at 11:00 am a couple of weeks ago, you might have heard Rev. Lance Marshall specifically reference that I might faint when I heard him suggest that you could even give your tithe to another church. I appreciate everyone who checked on me during and after the service. I did not faint nor did I even become the least bit fainthearted.

Don’t get me wrong, I know Lance was sincere when he threw out the challenge. And to be honest, I won’t know if anyone does it or not. That was not the point.

Here is why I didn’t faint.

I appreciate how Lance wove two themes together — stewardship/generosity and All Saints’ Sunday — giving us all something to think about when we walked out of Wesley Hall that Sunday.

I admire the way Lance openly shared his personal story on his early giving and how he was influenced by those around him. I have no doubt it resonated with others in the room like it did with me.

I love that Lance challenged each of us to truly think about those who inspire us through their relationship with Jesus Christ and their practice of generosity.

I feel blessed to be a part of a congregation of disciples who inspire me by example: moms and dads who answer questions and encourage giving with their children; lay spokespeople who share their faith story during our Stewardship Moments, and lay leadership who actively practice the discipleship of giving and are comfortable talking about it. (Many names easily come to mind!)

I look forward to seeing how well we as one church respond to the 2020 IMAGINE Annual Stewardship Campaign. The campaign will conclude this Sunday, but stewardship is a year-round activity. Please continue to return your 2020 commitments either by mail or online.

I am confident that our results will be inspiring and fruitful and for that, I say thank you.

Together through Christ,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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