HUMONGOUS Sunday Part 2— Worship (Just WAIT till you see the bulletins!!!)

By September 8, 2017Children's Ministries

Mark BurrowsHi Families,

September 10th is almost here!

11:00 am sanctuary worship will still feel traditional, but there are a number of things designed to engage children.
And while we’re focusing a lot of energy on elementary age kids, ALL CHILDREN ARE WELCOME!!!
If you have a child in Pre-K or younger, we would LOVE to have them in the sanctuary.
If it’s for the whole service, great!
However, if an hour in worship every week feels a bit much for your little one (and you) . . .
Right after the children’s moment would be a perfect time to take your child* back to the first floor of the Children’s Wing.

Here are some of the things we’re doing to make worship as engaging as possible for kids, while keeping it meaningful and stimulating for grown-ups:

  • The Children’s Moment is back.
  • Youth and children have leadership roles each week.
  • Each child will be handed a worship kit as they enter. (See below for more info on these.)
  • We’ll share a Passing of the Peace each week.
  • Dr. B. is excited to reach out to the kids. (For example, a sermon illustration might allude to a Pixar movie.)
  • We’ll close each service by joining together in a congregational song. (Many of you have fond memories of singing Let There Be Peace on Earth each Sunday.)

Friends, this is the most important hour of the week.
Our hope is that we continue finding ways to shape this sacred time so that we can spend it together as a family.



A few tips about those worship kits:

  • Each kit is a backpack loaded with things to help engage children in the worship service and worship environment.

It is NOT busy work to keep them quiet while grown-ups “have church.”

  • Suggestions for how to use each item are found on the back page of their bulletins. (The bulletins are in their kits.)

Some kids will want to “blow through everything” in the first five minutes. Pacing is key to making the wonder of those kits last.

Perhaps encouraging them to choose only a few items each service will keep the kits feeling fresh for many months to come.

  • Each kit contains a Treasures of Nature box. These are intended for children 3 and up.

There are small pieces in the boxes, so if you have little bitties with you, just be mindful of that.

  • At the end of the service, leave the kit in the pew. We will collect those each week and refill them as needed.

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