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Learn to Listen Better

By | Jul-09-2020 | Learn, Pray, Prayer & Spiritual Formation, Z - Front Page

Last week we completed the last of our 4-part “Be the Bridge” book study and discussion about being instruments of God’s work for racial reconciliation. The gatherings were powerful, unsettling, and provided opportunities for people to be open, honest, and discover God’s gracious, guiding Presence in small groups.   As we read the early chapters, many of us…


We The People

By | Jul-01-2020 | Learn, Pray, Reflections, Z - Front Page

Yes, this certainly IS a strange 4th of July! I’ve heard so many people say that — or something like that — almost everywhere I’ve been (with my mask firmly in place and six feet away). No big cookouts. No gatherings to enjoy fireworks. No parties by the pool. But there is much to be celebrated because we have been invited, compelled, by our own Declaration of Independence to hold our government accountable to upholding the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.


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