How to invite someone to church (and have them actually come)

9.14 First 7th Rebelmouse HeaderFirst 7th launches weekly services this Sunday! This is an incredibly important time in the life of the church, and it’s important that you bring your friends and family to experience what is happening here. But let’s face it; inviting someone to church can be uncomfortable. Here’s a how-to guide:

1. Ask them to come with you
This is the most important element. If you ask someone to go to First 7th, they will not. If you ask them to come with you, they probably will. Studies show 80% of people start attending a church for the first time because a friend invited them to come with. It’s that simple.

2. Be specific about when
When you invite someone to come, don’t just say “sometime.” Be specific. “We’ll pick you up for this Sunday’s 5:30pm service” is a real invitation, and shows that you’re serious about how much it means to you.

3. Share what First 7th means to you
Your friends and family love you, and they want to be a part of the things that you love. When you invite them, share what it is that you like about First 7th. Most people who love our services share that they find them clear, powerful, accessible, welcoming, relevant, modern, etc. If you like the speakers or the music, tell them that! Those personal experiences are motivating.

4. Know that what you’re doing is loving
There’s nothing better in the world than living as a disciple of Jesus, and there’s no better way to become a disciple than to be a part of an energetic, loving church family. Opening the doors of the church to the people in your life isn’t pushy, rude, or creepy. It’s loving, it’s good, and it’s what Jesus asks us all to do.

Good luck, God bless, and I’ll see you all on Sunday!



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