How Exhausting

By February 16, 2016The Gathering

Lance MarshallBy the time I made it home on Sunday afternoon my legs felt like concrete. I stumbled to the kitchen, made a pathetic sandwich using the end-of-the-loaf pieces, and ate it all in one commercial break. Less than a half-hour later I was crashed out and on the leading edge of an epic weekend nap.

tiredWhy was I so tired?

I was tired because Sunday felt like life lived to the fullest. It was our first day of The Gathering and it included every emotion. Anxiety (will anybody come?), camaraderie (we’re making something together!), fear (our computer system isn’t working!), panic (IT’S STILL NOT WORKING!), peace (we can feel God’s presence here), and most of all, joy (this is church, a vision of God’s kingdom come).

On behalf of everyone who helped dream up The Gathering, thank you! We had triple the turnout and 10 times the positive response that we hoped for. Our momentum will keep building next week as we continue our series, Focus, which takes photographic best-practices and uses them to teach lessons about our spiritual lives and our relationships with God.

We laughed, we cried, we had a full day. How exhausting. Let’s do it again next week!

God bless,



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