How Do You Answer This Question?

My blogs, for the most part, have themes about giving. So once again, this is a blog on church giving, but before reading any further, do me a favor and think about the following question:

Why are you a part of our faith community?

Did the question surprise you? The answer to this question can be intuitive as to how you approach your church giving. Perhaps you would have answered this question differently 20 or 30 years ago; perhaps not. My response has definitely changed.

I was raised going to church but stopped going in high school because of moving into a new community. I didn’t even think about church during my college years. Once I started my career, spending Sunday mornings in a church pew was not something I wanted to do. I thought of myself as a good Christian without putting forth much effort. After all, I believed in God and God’s son, knew the stories, and knew some Bible scripture.

Into my 30s and still single, I decided to try church as a way of meeting other singles and maybe even “Mr. Right.” I did not meet my future husband at that time but I found the love and support I needed when my dad passed away and my family was not near. I became more regular in my attendance. It became the place I wanted to be on Sunday mornings — not just for the people but for my own personal discipleship training (although I did not use those words to explain it at that time). I was living a Christian life.

By the time I moved to Fort Worth, sitting in a church pew on Sunday morning had become the norm, driven still by a need to develop relationships with a community of like souls. Many of my friends were active with FUMCFW’s community throughout the week. I participated in mission trips, Bible studies, and volunteer work.

The way I would have answered the question of why I am part of FUMCFW 10 years ago most likely would have referenced a circle of caring friends and getting a Bible and spiritual fix on Sunday mornings.

In the last 10 years, it has become obvious to me that being a Christian is much more than just participating in church activities, knowing the Bible stories, and not doing hurtful or bad things. It is a way of life rooted in deliberate spiritual practices (for us here at FUMCFW, referred to as Healthy Plate Discipleship) which draws a person into the most important relationship — a deep ever-evolving relationship with Jesus Christ.

How and what I do with this relationship is my reason for being in this community. FUMCFW provides me the way to live a Christ-centered life so that my thoughts, words, actions, and reactions reveal this transformative relationship.

Being generous is one of those ways.

I will share more next time. In the meantime, think about why you are part of FUMCFW. Feel free to reach out to me and share your thoughts.

Together in Christ,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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