Hope in a World Full of Hurt

Hi friends!

I’m writing to you from my back porch on Friday afternoon and thinking about our upcoming time of worship together on November 8. It’s the one Sunday during my renewal leave that I will be back in worship, and I’m looking forward to preaching in both the Gathering and Sanctuary. I can’t wait to see some of you in person and even more of you online!

Of course, the big event between now and then is the upcoming general election, and as I write this note I cannot predict the local, state, and national outcomes. In fact, I’m not even sure that the results will be entirely clear by next Sunday! But I do know this: regardless of the results and how we each individually feel about them, as a community we will be ready for some enthusiasm, some encouragement, and some powerful worship.

Earlier this week I took a peek at the lectionary, the three-year repeating cycle of Biblical texts that many churches use to guide their Sunday worship. I was blown away by the text for November 8, 2020. Designed almost 50 years ago, there is no way that the leaders who compiled the lectionary could have known what Americans would have needed to hear after a divisive election in a year full of trauma. But there it was, the perfect text, the perfect teaching, and the perfect reminder of how we can live with hope in a world full of hurt.

I can’t wait to share this text and worship with you on Sunday before resuming the remainder of my renewal leave. I’ll see you in worship!

God bless y’all,

Rev. Lance Marshall


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