Your First Church Quarantine Survival Kit

We know it’s not a roll of toilet paper, but this is our gift to you during this time to help you stay centered and draw strength and comfort in God’s love and presence.  Use this guide to stay connected with one another and to God – and do all you can to make the most of the hidden gifts beneath this worldwide crisis. 

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Sunday Worship Streams

LentPrayer & Spiritual FormationZ - Front Page
February 26, 2021

What Is: Holy Hospitality? Lectio Divina? Christian Mindfulness?

Throughout Lent, we will be exploring the meaning of each of these by diving deeply into them each week. But you don’t need prior knowledge or reading. Nor are you expected to attend each week. Just come when you can and just as you are. It’s a time for being…
Children's MinistriesZ - Front Page
February 25, 2021

Vacation Bible School 2021

VBS is one of our signature events at FUMCFW. This summer we are (deep breath) GOING FOR IT!
FMC FoundationZ - Front Page
February 25, 2021

Looking Forward To Spring Cleaning 2021

Many enjoyable aspects of life come along with spring: wildflowers, warmer temperatures, greenery in abundance, deeply religious holidays filled with eggs and bunnies galore, and general merriment that summer is right around the corner.
LentSanctuarySenior PastorWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
February 25, 2021

Jonah and the Big Fish

Most people know something about Jonah and the big fish — a whale, as the common interpretation goes — that swallowed him. Just about everyone knows that story, right?
Children's MinistriesZ - Front Page
February 23, 2021

Third Grade Bible Retreat

We’re going for it. Things are looking better. Cases are down. Vaccinations are up. We had in-person worship yesterday!
LentSanctuarySenior PastorWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
February 18, 2021

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

This Sunday, February 21st, is the first Sunday in the season of Lent. Our worship theme this season is Darkest Before the Dawn. Within every moment of deep darkness lies the certainty that the dawn is coming.
SanctuarySenior PastorWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
February 10, 2021

Following Has its Ups and Downs

This Sunday is the last Sunday before we enter the season of Lent. It is known as Transfiguration Sunday — the Sunday in which we remember the experience of Jesus and three of his disciples on a mountaintop in Galilee.
Next90Stewardship & GenerosityZ - Front Page
February 10, 2021

Gifts from the Past Make the Future Possible

Next90 is about preparing for the future baptisms, confirmands, and transformation of lives in the years to come. It is about the continuation of the legacy of a vibrant downtown church that began over 146 years ago.
Children's MinistriesZ - Front Page
February 9, 2021

Kindness Project

I’ve loved hearing about all the ways your children are putting kindness into the world. And I’m excited to see where this Big Kindness Project takes us.
Youth MinistriesZ - Front Page
February 2, 2021

In Their Own Words

As a project for January of 2021, we at Youth Ministries interviewed four students and asked them to tell us about their 2020, in their own words. I encourage you to listen. I’ve gained so much from doing so, and I hope you do too.
Stewardship & GenerosityZ - Front Page
February 2, 2021

A Love Note

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for all of the generosity shared in 2020 by our congregation. First Church has a big heart that beats strong because of the loving actions and attitudes of each of you.
SanctuarySenior PastorWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
January 26, 2021

Following Means Caring 

I’ll talk Sunday a bit about the dilemma faced by Christians in the early church, but the point Paul is making is applicable to us today.

We welcome, celebrate, and embrace ALL.

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What is Next90? It’s building upon the 90-year legacy of our past generations with a vision of facilitating ministry and connection for our faith community — for the NEXT 90 years.

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