Your First Church Quarantine Survival Kit

We know it’s not a roll of toilet paper, but this is our gift to you during this time to help you stay centered and draw strength and comfort in God’s love and presence.  Use this guide to stay connected with one another and to God – and do all you can to make the most of the hidden gifts beneath this worldwide crisis. 

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Sunday Worship Streams

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September 22, 2020

Showing Up, Again.

When God came to Earth to reconcile and redeem us, God’s action was simply to show up. How could we be called to more than that?
The GatheringZ - Front Page
September 21, 2020

That was awesome!

What a joy it was to worship in-person with you yesterday! Whether you worshipped with us in-person or via the livestream, it was a great day for our church!
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September 18, 2020

Grow Bible Study: Miracles of Jesus

Here is some food for thought before we get together on Wednesday night. When Jesus fed the crowd until “they were filled” (Mark 8:8), he showed them what the Kingdom of God is like and how different it is from the cruel world in which they lived.
The GatheringThe GatheringWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
September 18, 2020

In-Person Worship This Sunday!

This Sunday is our first in-person worship service since March! The Gathering will worship together outside on 5th St, right in front of the beautiful church towers.
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September 17, 2020

The greatest joy in life? And Austin singer/songwriter Erin Ivey!

“What is the greatest joy in life?” John asked me after soundly beating me during one of our annual games of racquetball. I figured it was a trick question, so I joked, “A double cheeseburger with a plate of onion rings and a beer?”
SanctuaryWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
September 16, 2020

Stay in Love with God

I once saw a sign that said, “The best time to plant a tree was 15 years ago. The second-best time is today.”
DiscipleChurchWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
September 16, 2020

When the World is on Fire and the Waters Rise

Right now, we find ourselves living with the world on fire and the hurricanes washing towns away. All around us, as the psalmist wrote, the “earth gives way, and the mountains fall into the sea.”
Youth MinistriesZ - Front Page
September 15, 2020

Drive-In 2020: Some Things Are Still The Same

Our Drive-In Movie was a total success — we had a full (socially-distanced) parking lot with over 60 people in attendance, no technical difficulties (except for the sun not setting fast enough) and an excellent showing of The Princess Bride.
eleven:elevenWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
September 11, 2020

This Sunday, a new series with Rev. Linda and other Guests

This Sunday, I am beginning a new series entitled, “Peace in the Broken: Living with the Question.” How might questions widen our faith in ways that connect us more deeply with our lives, with life around us, and with the very source of our being?
Adult MinistriesZ - Front Page
September 10, 2020

Welcome to GROW Bible Study!

Friends, I am so excited to announce to you our new all-church Bible Study — welcome to GROW! Join our pastors and our church family on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm to look deeper into the Bible and find ourselves in the great stories of God.
The GatheringThe GatheringWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
September 10, 2020

I’ve got to spend less time on this phone.

Putting your phone down is about more than just taking a step back, it’s about diving more deeply into who you are and what your soul needs right now.
WorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
September 9, 2020

Do Good of Every Possible Sort

Over the past few months, we have seen terrible images of the multiple crises in our nation and our world. We have also witnessed inspiring images of people living by the second General Rule — people doing good of every possible sort.

We welcome, celebrate, and embrace ALL.

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