Choral Union Holy Week Concert

By February 23, 2017Music & Worship Arts

Choral Union Holy Week Concert_HSChoral Union Holy Week Concert

Sunday, April 9, 2017
7:00 pm | Sanctuary

FUMCFW presents Choral Union in concert on Palm Sunday. Choral Union will present Dan Forrest’s “Requiem for the Living” in conjunction with the First Church Orchestra. A Requiem, at its core, is a prayer for rest — traditionally, for the deceased. The five movements of Dan Forrest’s “Requiem for the Living” (2013), however, form a narrative just as much for the living, and their own struggle with pain and sorrow, as for the dead. The opening movement sets the traditional Introit and Kyrie texts — pleas for rest and mercy — using ever-increasing elaborations on a simple three-note descending motive. The second movement sets scriptural texts that speak of the turmoil and sorrow which face humanity. The Agnus Dei is performed next as a plea for deliverance and peace; the Sanctus, following it, becomes a response to this redemption. The Lux Aeterna that closes the work portrays light, peace, and rest — for both the deceased and the living. 


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