Holy Week and Eastertide: Experiencing and Being the Beloved Community

Len Delony1These last few days of Lent are considered “High Holy Days,” because they take us into the dark depths of our souls.

While our ego too often pushes us to build “Towers of Babel” and to be “in control,” our soul invites us to a deep wisdom and truth, if we are willing to trust God in all the moments of our life.

For me and for many others, this deepening trust in God is about a way of seeing and being. We are in a time of a “contemplative revival” and “mindfulness movement,” and this Holy Week and Easter Season can be like a leaven for us as individuals and as a beloved community.

We don’t have to suffer and die on a cross as Jesus did to become open to the resurrection of new life. Anyone willing to be vulnerable and intimate can discover/experience “mystical” wonder in the immediate, paradoxical Presence of the Holy and Personal Mystery (often it is only through our brokenness and suffering that we are willing to let go of the deceptive, “protective” distraction of being “in control”).

The possibility of intimate, personal, relational experience can be opened up through such offerings as the Labyrinth, the Triclinium, music, and meditation on the Word. I invite you to join us for the Labyrinth Friday and other events this Holy Week and throughout the Easter Season.

Blessings on the Journey,



“We can only know through our suffering and our actions

what experience has taught us.

It is the breath of the Holy Spirit

whispering the words of life to the heart,

and everything we say to others

must come from this source.

What we read and what we see

only becomes divine knowledge

through the fruits, the virtue

and light we gain from it.”

— “The Sacrament of the Present Moment”

Jean-Pierre de Caussade


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