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In my blog last week, I mentioned listening to the cardinals singing to the glowing colors in the western sky . . . “as if to play their part in a symphony proclaiming ‘Emmanuel’ and ‘this moment matters!’”

This week I call your attention to the words in a song by Peter Mayer, “Everything is Holy Now.”

(Come join us in Wesley Hall this Saturday evening or Sunday morning at the eleven:eleven service, and you’ll hear Peter sing some of his most soulful songs in person. Look below for more details and a link to “Holy Now.”)

Here are a few favorite lyrics from his song “Holy Now”:

“This morning outside I stood

I saw a little red wing bird
Shining like a burning bush
And singing like a scripture verse

It used to be a world half there,

Heaven’s second rate hand-me-down
Now I walk it with a reverent air,
‘Cause everything is holy now”

And now for a surprise cardinal update.


This young cardinal in the picture was stunned after flying into our glass sliding door Tuesday morning. Since it was kind of cool outside and our cat was nearby, I stepped out and gently scooped him into my hands.

He was a young, trusting bird and seemed to appreciate the warm container of my hand . . . so much so that after recovering from the fall he wouldn’t leave. Soon after being introduced to Chancy, he became a bit more motivated, and finally took off the second that Chancy flapped her ears.

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment . . .

Such moments paying attention to nature have been central to my awakening to God’s healing Presence, at least since I was diagnosed with cancer in 1970, and they continue to remind me to look for the hidden wholeness brought about by God’s love with us in each moment. While it doesn’t deny the horror of some situations in and around us, it calls us to follow God’s way of healing love that we have come to know through the birth of Christ and following the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Pay attention throughout this season and into the new year . . . you’ll discover an abundance of blessings.

Come join us this Saturday and Sunday!




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