Hey there, I’m Chris!

My Name is Chris Vardy, I am a Sophomore at Texas Tech University (Wreck Em’) majoring in Agriculture Communications. Now I know what you’re thinking, I do not know how to talk to cows. That’s next semester.

I am very excited to introduce myself to y’all as the new intern for the Youth Ministries.

I grew up with both of my parents being members of FUMC Fort Worth. They would drop me off in the children’s classes with Ms. Cynthia, and later, with Mister Mark. While I was there, I participated in church, but I was the kid who always asked, “Do we have to go?” I kind of viewed church as more of a task than an experience.

Once I made it into the youth group, I developed a closer relationship with God and my best friends. This happened thanks to the mission trips we served on together, going to camp Barnabas, and just hanging out during youth group. I never really had one major eye-opening experience. Just many smaller – yet just as important – experiences throughout middle and high school. These experiences are the very reason I’m where I am today. They showed me how I can serve God’s people and help spread His messages.

I am excited and I feel truly blessed for this opportunity to serve our church and with Kat and Matt in the Youth Department. This summer will an interesting one which will challenge me to overcome, and work through, unexpected problems.

I hope to eventually see you,

Chris Vardy


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