Here’s what your child did this week in Day Camp

There are all different kinds of summer camps — music camps, sports camps.


Here’s what your child did this week in Day Camp:

· Started each day with worship and song.

· Went on a Journey of Faith Nature Walk and heard stories about Jesus every day.

· Helped bring in hundreds of children’s books for the Mission.

· Helped bring in (and refurbish) hundreds of toys for children in need.

· Raised over $650 dollars in loose change for the Mission! Wow!

· Filled 125 hygiene kits.

· Filled literally hundreds of healthy snack bags for the Mission.

· Made friendship cards for shut-ins at a local nursing facility.

· Made placemats for the Room in the Inn program.

· Decorated sacks for our church’s sack lunch program.

· Participated in several work projects around Lyle Lodge — weeding, planting, and mulching — the place looks amazing!

· Oh yeah, and your child also had music, games, water play, canoeing, and snacks.


Now, your child may not be able to hit a ball farther of play an instrument better than this time last week.

But your child has taken a step on a journey.

On behalf of all those who had a part in it, I want to say how honored we were to be there for that step!


God Bless,




See you at VBS (July 21-25).


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