Here’s a Great Way To Spend an Hour Each Week

The time I spend with God determines both the direction and quality of the time I spend elsewhere. 
— Randy Alcorn

Dear Friends,

Whenever I eat at a restaurant I think is particularly good or read a book and find it exceptionally interesting, I always recommend it to family and friends. I’m always happy to give people a “Yelp Review” of anything I stumble upon that I find enhances my life in some way. Something that falls into that category is GROW Bible study, a hybrid of in-person and Zoom, offered on both Wednesday morning and evening.

The format for GROW is simple: there is a text that is discussed each week – for Lent, we previewed the text that will be preached on Sunday. The first 20 minutes are spent with the various clergy talking about various points of the text. We then break into small clergy-led groups (around 10 or so people per group) to have a discussion about the text and then the last 15 minutes are spent with each clergy giving a synopsis of the group’s key points of observation about the text. It’s jam-packed – but you are always in and out in an hour.

There are so many things about GROW I love, but here are my top “take aways”:

  • You get the perspective of not, one, not two, but multiple clergy each and every week. Each of them raise different and interesting points — which makes for some really fun and interesting conversations. And, in the group portion, you have an opportunity not only to really get to know some of our clergy, you also get to know others at FUMCFW.
  • Whether you’ve participated in countless Bible Studies or you have never been part of one, GROW is a comfortable place for anyone in either category.
  • Honestly, the one hour a week I spend at GROW truly helps keep me grounded in my faith. It reminds me the answers to the things I struggle with on a regular basis can be found in scripture. And, it nudges me in a better direction in terms of the choices I make regarding those struggles. The time I spend at GROW helps me remember that unless we make the time to dive into scripture, we tend to forget how simple and clear the answers to those struggles can be.

But don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself! Click here for more information or to register.

Lisa Helm
Director of Welcoming Ministries

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