Something I Never Thought I’d Say

Here is something I never thought I would be saying: Being at FUMCFW on Sunday was weird.

I arrived at about 8:40 that morning knowing that it was going to be a different kind of Sunday morning that most of us had never experienced before – after all, we had told our First Church flock to stay away.

Obvious even at that time of morning was that there were fewer cars in the parking lot. There was no need for me to stand in my favorite greeting place since the only faces I would be seeing were fellow church personnel who also were experiencing the feeling of loss.

Weird yes, but then it became another “First Church Proud” moment!

Kudos to members of our amazing Community Breakfast Team who made the needs of our homeless community a priority and showed up to provide nourishment for the body and for the soul to 40 of our weekly guests. The team was creative in their approach making sure that guests, volunteers, and FUMCFW staff were not compromised.

Kudos to our Communications Team and Worship Team for making it possible to stream three wonderful services so that our First Church community could worship in their home.

And worship y’all did! More than 900 folks tuned in. And although it was not the same as being here, I took comfort in knowing that we were still together as a faith community. We are so blessed that this opportunity will be available over the next few weeks.

Kudos to YOU who generously gave online on Sunday! Similar to our summer reminder when FUMCFW asks that you continue to give even when you are on vacation, I am now asking, “Please don’t take a COVID-19 break. Your generosity is very needed.”

Please be even more intentional in your giving to the Ministry Operations Fund, to the Easter Offering, to Next90, and to other designated ministries. The $1 bill outreach offering which raises between $1200 to $1500 each month for a specific outreach program is not happening since we are not passing the plate. This month’s benefactor is the Methodist Justice Ministry so please consider making a gift to their ministry as well.

Giving online is easy. Have your credit card or bank information handy and click here.

Highlight a fund;

Type in the amount;

Select payment method – credit card or bank account and then complete the form with requested information;

Click on submit!

Of course you can also give me a call to make a gift over the phone or mail a check, making a note on the memo line what ministry it is for and addressing to the attention of the Business office.

Again, thank you for all you do for First Church. I am so very proud to be in community with each of you. I cannot think of better group to be sharing “weird Sundays” with than my fellow FUMCFW disciples.

Looking forward to a big hug-fest when life gets back to normal and we come back together.

Together in Growing God’s Kingdom,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


You can watch our three Sunday Worship Services live online at!


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