This Made My Heart Smile

So of course with the 2019 Stewardship Campaign kicking off, I am like a little kid waiting for the birthday cards from grandma (you know what I am talking about)…..well ok that might be a little overstated but I am pretty excited when the Commitment Cards start coming in.

I was not disappointed with over 50 cards coming in either by mail or through the offering plate on Monday. Thank you!

One of the cards caught my attention and brought a smile to my face:

Jack is 7 years old. I reached out to his mom for permission to share. She also gave additional insight:

“He was with us at the Gathering Sunday and asked several questions about what the card meant and why it was on our chairs, etc. We explained how we, along with lots of members of the congregation, support the church; and unprompted by us, he decided he wanted to participate!”

Much like the little boy who shared his fishes and bread with the 5000, (John 6:1-14), Jack is what I call a disciple-in-training. He is eager to learn about his responsibility as a member of the kingdom of God; he is eager to show his gratitude for all that God has given him.

Jack obviously has wonderful examples in his parents, but it was his choice to make the serious decision to commit and to give with gratitude. His commitment and future gifts are as important and well worth celebrating as any other commitment or gift that FUMFW will receive during this campaign.

Thank you Jack!

Jack has many other examples in his life — 50 of you returned your card on Monday. Thank you!

My hope is that for those who have not made a Commitment to FUMCFW in recent years or ever, that you consider Jack as your example.

 Let your thankfulness motivate you, energize you and fill you with JOY!

— Sarah Young

With Gratitude for You,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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