You Are Here — In the Heart of the City!

By February 8, 2017Stewardship & Generosity

You Are Here_HSBy considering where we are now as a congregation, and in preparation for the unprecedented growth coming to our city, this is our moment to claim our place in the heart of our city.

According to Downtown Fort Worth Inc., our downtown population will increase by approximately 67 percent over the next four years — adding more than 4,300 people and miles of mixed-use development in and around the physical location of FUMCFW. Before we know it our progressively traditional gothic revival church will find itself — quite literally — in the heart of Downtown Fort Worth.

And there’s so much more to it than that.

While this idea of our church at the heart of our city may come as a surprise to no one, this exponential growth in our city brings up an increased responsibility to reach out, engage, and actively connect with our local community as never before in recent church history.

So what will it take for our First Church community to fully embrace this opportunity to occupy the heart of our city?

It takes you. And you are HERE. By this we mean that as a fully engaged congregation committed to supporting our church as never before, we are perfectly positioned to make a brave new leap that puts the heart of our faith community into the new geographic heart of Downtown Fort Worth. Join us in taking on the challenge of continuing our ministry as a traditional downtown church while learning to be a neighborhood congregation attracting and meeting the needs of new residents, right at our back door.

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