Healthy Plate Discipleship and IMAGINE Stewardship Campaign

My wife Allison and I host a Healthy Plate Discipleship breakfast several times a year, so we spend a lot of time talking about the areas of discipleship — Worship, Play, Pray, Learn, Serve, and Give. We spend a lot of time eating breakfast tacos and talking about how to be better disciples.

Giving to the church is an act of recognition and thankfulness for the gifts of creation we have been given. It’s easy to think that our personal situation is self-made, that we “pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps.” That’s simply not true — God gave us the gifts and talents that we use to make a living. God gave us both the bootstraps and the arms to pull with. The practice of giving a portion of what we earned with our gifts and talents is a way of thanking God for those gifts and talents.

During this stewardship campaign, I want to challenge you to grow in your discipleship by practicing a discipline of thanking God for the gifts and talents you have received by committing to give to the church. The amount doesn’t matter; what matters is the intentional practice. Commit to an annual amount that you are comfortable giving.

I encourage you to pray, to consider, and to discuss with your family what you should give. Then fill out a 2020 commitment card.

If you are like me, it will seem strange at first. Keep on, and I bet you can’t help but notice yourself growing in your faith.

God bless y’all.

Dave Alvarado
Stewardship Ministry Leadership Team


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