Healing the Heart of Democracy Presentation and Dialogue

Healing the Heart of Democracy_HSHealing the Heart of Democracy Presentation and Dialogue
Courageous Faith in Challenging Times

Sunday, February 26, 2017
3:00 – 5:00 pm | Wesley Hall

“The capacity to hold tensions creatively is the key to much that matters — from a life lived in love to a democracy worthy of the name to even the most modest movement toward peace between nations. So those of us who care about such things must work to root out the seeds of violence in our culture, including its impatience and its incessant drive toward control. And since culture is a human creation, whose deformations begin not ‘out there’ but in our inner lives, we can transform our culture only as we are inwardly transformed.” 

— Parker Palmer, “The Politics of the Brokenhearted”

We live in a world overwhelmed with suffering and brokenness. Beyond the isolation of wounds and worries, we can discover new connections through open hearts and deepening compassion. How can we build new pathways in our minds and throughout our communities — where we can meet heart to heart and soul to soul? How can we come together in growing circles of trust that lead us all to healing and wholeness?

Come join us to be part of a growing movement in North Texas that is helping heal the heart of our democracy. With guidance from world-renowned “Courage and Renewal” Facilitator, Estrus Tucker, each of us can be encouraged as we learn how to do our part in being instruments of peace for the healing of the world. This will be a time for deep respect and dialogue and a way of being together that can help heal our families, our neighborhoods, our state, and our country’s place of soulful leadership in the world.



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