He is risen, indeed, y’all!

This week for Family Sunday School, we’re embracing the theatrical arts! Studies show that both children and adults learn best through storytelling, and for thousands of years, our faith tradition was only passed down through stories! So this week, we’re telling the story of the resurrection and encouraging you to act it out as a family.

In Family Sunday School this week, you’ll find a script for a (very) short skit, with some questions at the end of each “Act.” There’s also just scriptures to read, if your family is a little old (or a little young) for acting something out. The questions are simple, but we hope they will allow people of any age (adults included) to experience the story in a new way. What would it have felt like to be Mary, and carry news like that to a group of people who you weren’t sure would believe you? If you were one of those people, could you have believed her? What would the risen Jesus’s instructions have meant to the disciples, and what do they mean to us?

This powerful and simple story is the great Good News of our faith, that death doesn’t get the last word, that in Christ, and Christ’s resurrection, a future when all things are made new begins to break back into our world and puncture it with pockets of eternal hope. We hope you spend time contemplating this simple and world-changing story of an empty tomb and a risen savior with your family this week.

He is risen, indeed, y’all!

Download PDF of Easter Family Sunday School —  The Resurrection


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