I Just Have to Brag!

By February 4, 2016Welcoming Ministries

Lisa HelmI’ve been pretty unabashed in my pride of the guys who volunteer every Sunday to greet people in the parking lots, but honestly, they just keep giving me reasons to brag!

A couple of weeks ago, Bob Leibrock and Martin Reid (they’re always on Fifth Street) told me they noticed that a couple whom they greet every Sunday hadn’t been here in a while, and they were concerned about them. Martin asked if I could call and check on them, and I did. I’m happy to report that although they had both been under the weather, they told me they were on the mend. In fact, they were here last Sunday!

These “parking lot guys” — Bob Leibrock, Martin Reid, Mark Sorley, and Mitch Spillar — are so dear not only to me, but to our entire church family. Week in and week out, rain or shine, brutal cold or extreme heat, they are always here with a smile on their face and a friendly “Good morning! We’re so glad you’re here!” for everyone they see. And, even beyond that, they are always on the lookout for anyone who might need help up the steps or the family that needs assistance herding several children through the parking lot!

If you ask any of these guys why they do what they do Sunday after Sunday, they will tell you that they receive as much joy from being on duty in the parking lots as they extend to the people they greet. And I have to say, watching them on Sundays, I know they do; they genuinely enjoy being out there and being the face of FUMCFW — and it shows.

Would you like to become part of this important and meaningful opportunity to serve our church? Even if you can only commit to one Sunday a month (or would just like to try it once and see if you like it), I encourage you to contact me (lhelm@myfumc.org) at 817/339-2403. If you do decide to give it a try, I think you will see why the “parking lot guys” keep coming back!

Lisa Helm,
Director of Welcoming Ministries





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