Handmade Blankets for Children!

Children’s Ministry and helpers have made hand-tied knot blankets for children, 5th grade and younger!

The fleece blankets just came back from the cleaners, so they are clean, fresh, colorful, and ready for your sweet children to receive!

Pick yours up 10:30 am – 1:00 pm this Sunday in the west parking lot.

  • You do not need to reserve yours in advance. Just come by.
  • If we run out, we’ll make more. We’ve got another shipment of fleece on the way, and, after our announcement in worship on Sunday, we have more eager church members ready to tie.
  • There are dozens of color combinations, each with their own name, significance, and corresponding Bible verse.
  • Each blanket is wrapped, so there’s no way to know which one you get until you open it!

Children's Blankets 2020

Parents, you know that children are concrete thinkers – metaphor/analogy isn’t always easy to grasp for young ones. So this next bit is for you –

Please know these blankets are not just objects, not just things.

They are a symbol of the love this church feels for your dear ones (and for you).

Every time they see their blanket or snuggle it, we want them to feel their church loving them and praying the best for them.

See you Sunday!

Mark Burrows
Director of Children’s Ministries


BTW – We got a special request from Nurse Maddie, our VBS nurse, and longtime Special Buddy, who is now a nurse at Baylor/All Saints.

When you come up on Sunday to receive your blanket, will you bring us a cut-out of your hand?

You can decorate it, write your first name, and write a simple message or word of inspiration for patients in the hospital who don’t get to have many visitors (if any) these days.

It would mean SO much if you’re able to do that. And parents, you can each do one too!


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