A GREAT Start to Spring Academy

Staff_Burrows, MarkHello Families,

We had a GREAT kick-off to our Spring Academy. Loads of kids, loads of energy, loads of great learning.
I know so many of you like to keep the faith formation going at home.
Here is what we’re covering this month, along with a few Holy Conversation ideas — great for the ride home from church, or around the dinner table.

Theme: Joyful Noise

Memory Verse: Psalm 100:1 — Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth.

Bible Story: Isaiah’s Call [Isaiah 6:1-8]

This relatively short, and oft-overlooked Bible story, is responsible for two of the most cherished hymns we know — Holy, Holy, Holy and Here I Am, Lord.

Isaiah doesn’t feel worthy to proclaim God’s word, but then Isaiah has a vision that completely changes his outlook.

When it comes to worship, especially on the hymns, I often see people standing there “looking dignified” but not singing a note. Many of these members of our faith community were told at some point in their lives that they shouldn’t sing. Ugh! That drives me crazy! No one has the right to tell you that you can’t sing, especially when it’s in praise of our Lord. ALL are worthy to sing praises to God!

Holy Conversations: What is your favorite song? (It doesn’t have to be a church song.) Why do you think you like it so much? What’s your favorite song we sing in church? Is there a song you really sing out when you think no one’s watching or listening? What is something you really like to do, but are embarrassed that other will think it’s lame? What is one way you can express your love for God?

Have a great week!


BTW – Don’t forget, Good Book Club is THIS Wednesday: 5:30 – 7:00 (family meal included).


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