A Show of Gratitude

Claire Manno is a wonderful cheerleader for FUMCFW’s Youth Ministry. Youth Ministry allowed Claire to experience church from a perspective different than that of children’s or adult ministries. Very aware of what role she and other youth will play in the future of FUMCFW, she has been empowered by adult leaders and her own peers.

Prior to leaving for her first year of college, she took the time to share her thoughts on why she is grateful for the many Sundays over the last five years that she spent in the Justin Building.

It is easy for me to express my appreciation and gratitude to the members of FUMCFW whose gifts make Youth Ministry possible.

I am so grateful to have participated in our church through the Youth Ministry because it has enabled me to experience FUMCFW in personal ways. I have been a speaker in the 9:30 am Sanctuary service several times, and I had the unique and wonderful opportunity of delivering the sermon alongside Dr. Bruster on Youth Sunday 2017.

The Youth Ministry is an incredibly important part of the church because being a teenager is awkward, full of uncertainty, and sometimes downright terrible. Being able to have a steady and positive influence in my life as I progressed through middle school and beyond was invaluable.

The support and love that the Youth Ministry staff gives to the teenagers is unrelenting. Youth Ministry also provides a place where teenagers’ voices are heard. In a world that doesn’t really take a 13 – 18-year-old too seriously, the Justin Building is the opposite. Your voice is heard and taken for real.

The Youth Ministry has impacted me personally because it essentially shaped the person that I am today. During my time at the Justin Building, I have made the closest friends I’ve ever had and learned who I truly am. The abundant service opportunities provided to us has helped teach me the value of selfless service and generosity from a young age. The community that I have been blessed to be a part of is incredible and has given me a support network I know I can turn to whenever I need them.

Because of time in FUMCFW Youth Ministry, my responsibility in the world around me is to be a person who is generous, patient, and forgiving.

Youth Ministry has blessed me with amazing friends who I talk to every day, a youth minister that has become both a friend and a mentor and the life-long lesson on how “to go out and be God’s people in the world.”

Youth Ministry is made possible because of the generosity of our members — for that, I say, ‘thank you.’

Claire Manno


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