Grateful Heart for Our “Second Mile” Easter Offering

Over the last several months I have attended some information and training sessions about caring for or serving someone who is living with dementia. The most recent was an hour-long session that included a simulation which took less than 15 minutes and was done with several other individuals. My reaction was one of being confused to the point of being frozen, unsure of what to do, and wondering what the other people were doing and why. I was relieved when the experience ended simply by changing my environment. I also became acutely aware that there are individuals in our community who are living in a confused, scary, and isolated state every day without any hope or ability for changing their environment and returning to a state of normalcy.

I left the session with a grateful heart.

  • Grateful that I have not had a personal experience with this dreaded disease.
  • Grateful for those local organizations and institutes that provide resources, training, care and research.
  • Grateful for our church who has answered the call to engage and educate businesses and individuals across all sectors so to foster dementia friendly environments throughout our community.
  • Grateful for all who are supporting this Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Ministry, along with six other life-changing ministries, by generously giving a “Second Mile” 2019 Easter offering.

I could easily write a paragraph highlighting and praising the work done by the additional ministries that your gift will support but for now will simply list them as a reminder.

First Street Methodist Mission provides emergency food, clothing, infant formula, and limited financial assistance with respect and compassion for those in need.

Infant Formula Program of First Street Methodist Mission provides formula, diapers, and clothing to families with infants 12 months and younger.

United Community Centers provide fun, safe summer experiences for children in partnership with United Community Centers’ Summer Campership Program.

Methodist Justice Ministry provides legal services and living assistance to women and children caught up in domestic violence, abuse and neglect allowing them to begin new lives free of violence, abuse, fear and self-loathing.

Community Advocate provides mentoring, life-coaching and support to individuals who are struggling with homelessness so to empower them with the positive life-changing resources.

Lydia Patterson Institute provides opportunities to bilingual student interns to utilize their gifts and graces within the ministries of the church with an emphasis on Hispanic ministries whenever possible.

I hope you will express your gratitude for these ministries by making a special gift. You can make your Easter Offering by check (please make check payable to FUMCFW and put Easter Offering in the memo line) and mail it, drop it by the Main Church Office, or put it in the offering plate during worship. You can also give online at by choosing Easter Offering from the drop-down menu.

As always, I thank you for being such a caring community of disciples. This Is Us!

Together through Christ,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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