Grateful for Silver Linings

I am so grateful for Lisa Helm. Two weeks ago we decided to reschedule the October 14 5th Street Celebration of Gratitude for this Sunday, October 28, since there was a 40 to 60% chance of rain. Lisa found the “silver lining” in our rain clouds when she said in typical Lisa-fashion, “It doesn’t mean we won’t still have a celebration — we WILL! It just means people still have more opportunities to turn in their 2019 commitment card because Mother Nature extended our deadline!”

Indeed, close to 100 commitments cards have come in since October 12! Here is an update: As of today, 370 FUMCFW households have made a 2019 commitment with a total of committed dollars at $1,631,458 or 59% of our 2019 goal of $2,750,000 goal. The exciting news is that out of the 370 commitments, 47% of the households increased their commitment over their 2018 commitment. (6% have lowered their commitment and 47% kept their commitment the same as 2018.)

If you have not returned your 2019 Commitment, please take a moment to think about how our loving God is blessing your life. Think about how First Church is blessing your life. Think about how First Church is blessing others. Then think about the ways you show your gratitude.

A person whose heart is filled with gratitude gives back. For many, an expression of gratitude is an acknowledgment of the bigger world and God’s place at the center of it. Gratitude compels them to give back as an expression of thanksgiving with the added bonus of making a deeper, enduring connection with God — talk about achieving that permanent and personal “silver lining” for our life!

Your silver-lining makes for a silver-lining for First Church! With your help, First Church will achieve our 2019 Commitment Goal. If you have not returned your 2019 Commitment Card, I ask that you do so this week. If you have any questions about the status of your commitment, please email or call me ( | 817-339-5098). As you complete your card, will you also give prayerful consideration to increasing your 2019 annual gift?

I look forward to celebrating gratitude with you this Sunday on 5th Street. There will be fellowship, fun, and food trucks serving up hot dogs, street tacos, and cookies and ice cream all available at family-friendly prices. The celebration begins at 11:00 am and goes to 1:00 pm.

Stop by the Gratitude Table to pick up a special gift for turning in your Commitment Card. You can also drop off your Commitment Card and receive your gift.

Thank you for your many gifts of time, talent and treasure. When I count my blessings, please know you are one of them!

See you Sunday,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship



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