Pastoral Callnotes: A Gracious Greeting

Lamar SmithI spent the larger part of the morning visiting with Ann and R.L. Dowdell. Their care giver, our friend, Cynthia Hooper, called last week to remind me that I married them 54 years ago, today. We had a delightful visit. Cynthia thoughtfully announced that I was there so they would know who had come. That was a real help. By the time I greeted Ann, she was fully aware who I was and why I had come. Cynthia hustled R.L. out of bed. He came wheeling into the living room in his wheel chair, laughing out loud. I have seldom been more graciously greeted in my several years of pastoral calling. They remember this congregation with great appreciation and thanksgiving for all it has meant to them.

They asked me to remember them to all of you. I do so with their warm greeting.


P.S. I was sure to remember Cynthia for all of you.


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