“How have you experienced God recently?” This question opens every meeting of our Grace Group. This question has truly transformed my faith life in the last couple of months. It is constantly running through my head. “Where do I see God in this?” has become my new spiritual practice. And the more often I ask myself this question, the more often I see God in my day-to-day routine. I am so much more aware of God’s abounding grace, peace, and gentle guidance because I am intentionally looking for it.

You see, I am a very self-reliant and resourceful person. I get stuff done, I work through the difficulties, I figure out solutions, I see projects through. I… I… I… I rely on myself so much, that for years I have been failing to see how God is working all around me. My mindset started shifting to become more aware of God’s presence in my life when our Grace Group has decided to share about the ways how we experience God during the week at every meeting. These discussions help me see God more and feel God’s presence stronger. I commit 90 minutes a week to my Grace Group meeting, but in return I receive life-giving grace of God that carries me through the rest of the week.

What else happens at Grace Groups? We pray for each other during the week, we support people who are weathering through life storms, we stay in touch. We always talk about sermons that we hear on Sunday and how they speak to us specifically. We joke around, we laugh, sometimes we cry, we always pray and give God thanks.

Are you wondering how you could join a Grace Group? We are starting several new groups in January. The groups meet in people’s homes and at the church. During the spring we will be preparing more leaders and planning more groups for the big launch in the fall of 2019. Please, feel free to contact me (zgurina@myfumc.org) if you are interested in joining or creating your own Grace Group.

Rev. Zhenya Gurina-Rodriguez
Associate Pastor of Grace Groups & Discipleship


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