GPS: September 29

By September 29, 2014Devotional

Today’s Scripture:

Luke 4:38-44  

After leaving the synagogue, Jesus went home with Simon. Simon’s mother-in-law was sick with a high fever, and the family asked Jesus to help her. He bent over her and spoke harshly to the fever, and it left her. She got up at once and served them.  When the sun was setting, everyone brought to Jesus relatives and acquaintances with all kinds of diseases. Placing his hands on each of them, he healed them. Demons also came out of many people. They screamed, “You are God’s Son.” But he spoke harshly to them and wouldn’t allow them to speak because they recognized that he was the Christ.When daybreak arrived, Jesus went to a deserted place. The crowds were looking for him. When they found him, they tried to keep him from leaving them. But he said to them, “I must preach the good news of God’s kingdom in other cities too, for this is why I was sent.” So he continued preaching in the Judean synagogues.   

Food For Thought:

“A cup is a container for holding something. Whatever it holds has to eventually be emptied out so that something more can be put into it. I have learned that I cannot always expect my life to be full. There has to be some emptying, some pouring out, if I am to make room for the new. The spiritual journey is like that—a constant process of emptying and filling, of giving and receiving, of accepting and letting go.” –From The Cup of Our Life by Joyce Rupp


God, I spend so much time worrying about what I SHOULD be doing ― where I SHOULD be going ― who I SHOULD be serving. I’m going all the time. I’m working all the time. I’m filling other people and pouring out. I need to be filled up. Like Jesus who went away to pray, I need a few minutes. I need a day. Disrupt my busyness and help me find time to be filled up by your Spirit so that I can keep going. Amen.     


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