GPS: September 12

By September 12, 2014Devotional

Today’s Scripture:

Psalm 102: 17-22

God will turn to the prayer of the impoverished;

he won’t despise their prayers.

Let this be written down for the next generation

so that people not yet created will praise theLord:

The Lord looked down from his holy summit,

surveyed the earth from heaven,

to hear the prisoners’ groans,

to set free those condemned to death,

that the Lord’s name may be declared in Zion

and his praise declared in Jerusalem,

when all people are gathered together—

all kingdoms—to serve the Lord.

Food For Thought:

“Giving needs not be confined to money or material gifts, but I would like more people to give their hands to serve and their hearts to love—to recognize the poor in their own homes, towns and countries, and to reach out to them in love and compassion.” – From My Life for the Poor by Mother Teresa


God, break my heart with the things that break yours. Break my heart for poverty, and prisoners and the condemned. Break my heart for the lost, lonely and marginalized. Break my heart and send me to love them in your name. Give me the wisdom and the strength to offer my hands in love. Amen.    


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