GPS: Saturday, October 19

By October 19, 2013Devotional

Today’s Scripture:

2 Corinthians 5:7, For we walk by Faith, Not by Sight

Food for Thought:

We are people that like to see things and prove things but the beautiful thing about our faith is that we believe in that which we cannot see. I see God through my neighbor lending a helping hand to a fellow neighbor. I see God through the child giving his toys to the First Street Methodist Mission to help another child. I see God when a child asks to build a home for someone that doesn’t have one. I see God when someone stops to walk an elderly woman across the street. As people of God we walk by faith, not by sight. Thanks be to God!


Beloved God, may I be aware of your presence with me on my daily walk. Others may not see what is happening, but I “walk by faith, not by sight.” Guide me as a pour your love on everyone I encounter this day. Amen.


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