GPS: November 26, 2015

By November 26, 2015Devotional

Today’s Scripture:

Jeremiah 31:7-9
For thus says the LORD: Sing aloud with gladness for Jacob, and raise shouts for the chief of the nations; proclaim, give praise, and say, “Save, O LORD, your people, the remnant of Israel.”

See, I am going to bring them from the land of the north, and gather them from the farthest parts of the earth, among them the blind and the lame, those with child and those in labor, together; a great company, they shall return here.

With weeping they shall come, and with consolations I will lead them back, I will let them walk by brooks of water, in a straight path in which they shall not stumble; for I have become a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn.

Food For Thought:

When I read this passage of Scripture, I think about the patience of the nation Israel. God promises to bring them into a land flowing with milk and honey and then they have to wait a very, very long time in order for this promise to be fulfilled. Think about a time in your life when you had to be patient for something to happen. How did that feel? Think about a time that you have asked God for something, and it has never happened.


You, O God, are our dwelling-place

from generation to generation,

our shield from anguish and distress.

You arm us as children of light

with the hope of salvation,

and you protect us by your love.

Give us grace to build up

and encourage one another,

as we seek wisdom and abundant life

in the strength of your Word

and the assurance of your Spirit. Amen.


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