GPS: July 22, 2016

By July 22, 2016Devotional

Today’s Scripture:

Psalm 78:23-29

Yet he commanded the skies above, and opened the doors of heaven;

he rained down on them manna to eat, and gave them the grain of heaven.

Mortals ate of the bread of angels; he sent them food in abundance.

He caused the east wind to blow in the heavens, and by his power he led out the south wind;

he rained flesh upon them like dust, winged birds like the sand of the seas;

he let them fall within their camp, all around their dwellings.

And they ate and were well filled, for he gave them what they craved.

Food For Thought:

In this passage of Scripture, the Psalmist reminds us of God’s power and majesty. Where have you seen God’s power at work in this world? What did it feel like to witness God’s power? How have you seen God’s power at work in God’s people? What did those people accomplish in God’s name? How can you be the bearer of God’s love and kindness to others?


Blessed are you, O Lord and Lover,

source of beauty and depth of passion.

Strengthen and inspire us to do the word we hear

and live the faith we confess. Amen.


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