GPS: January 31, 2013

By January 31, 2015Devotional

Today’s Scripture:

Deuteronomy 13:1-5

Now if a prophet or a dream interpreter appears among you and performs a sign or wonder for you, and the sign or wonder that was spoken actually occurs; if he says: “Come on! We should follow other gods”—ones you haven’t experienced—“and we should worship them,” you must not listen to that prophet’s or dream interpreter’s words, because the Lord your God is testing you to see if you love the Lord your God with all your mind and all your being. You must follow the Lord your God alone! Revere him! Follow his commandments! Obey his voice! Worship him! Cling to him—no other! That prophet or dream interpreter must be executed because he encouraged you to turn away from the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt, who redeemed you from the house of slavery; they tried to lead you away from the path the Lord your God commanded you to take. Remove such evil from your community!

Questions to Ponder:

Do you love God with your entire mind and all your being regardless of what others may say? What do you think it means to cling to God? What are some of the ways outside of worship that you can revere God?

Prayer for Today:

Loving and gracious God, thank you for loving me when I am uncertain of how to best show You my love. Help me to honor You with the life I lead. Thank you for Your sustaining love. Amen.


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