GPS: January 3, 2015

By January 3, 2015Devotional

Today’s Scripture:

Proverbs 1:20-33

Wisdom shouts in the street;
    in the public square she raises her voice.
Above the noisy crowd, she calls out.
    At the entrances of the city gates, she has her say:
“How long will you clueless people love your naïveté,
    mockers hold their mocking dear,
    and fools hate knowledge?
You should respond when I correct you.
    Look, I’ll pour out my spirit on you.
    I’ll reveal my words to you.
I invited you, but you rejected me;
    I stretched out my hand to you,
    but you paid no attention.
You ignored all my advice,
    and you didn’t want me to correct you.
So I’ll laugh at your disaster;
    I’ll make fun of you when dread comes over you,
         when terror hits you like a hurricane,
        and your disaster comes in like a tornado,
        when distress and oppression overcome you.
 Then they will call me, but I won’t answer;
    they will seek me, but won’t find me
         because they hated knowledge
        and didn’t choose the fear of the Lord.
 They didn’t want my advice;
    they rejected all my corrections.
 They will eat from the fruit of their way,
    and they’ll be full of their own schemes.
 The immature will die because they turn away;
    smugness will destroy fools.
 Those who obey me will dwell securely,
    untroubled by the dread of harm.”

Re-read the above passage, more slowly this time, and then ponder the following questions as you go about your day today:

Where do you go to find  wisdom? What wisdom have you ignored or rejected — and then later recognized? Do you remember a time in your life when you needed wisdom and received it in an unusual way? Was there a time when God brought wisdom into your life when you needed it most — and least expected it?

Prayer for Today:

Gracious and loving God, Thank you for all they ways in which You bring wisdom into my life. Please help me be open to Your wisdom and advice — and to all the ways in which you offer help and guidance when I need it most. Help me listen for your guidance and always turn toward You when I feel as though I’ve lost my way. Amen.




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